Wednesday, 18 November 2015


After checking Leasowe Gun site and New Brighton for any Leach's Storm Petrels and failing, but did see a Skua ssp at New Brighton, me and Allan Conlin headed down to the Docks to see if the winds had blown anything in.
First we went to the East Float were as we pulled up a flock of 3 Linnet flew over heading SE, while on the float we had a count of 30 Great crested Grebes, also present were Black-headed, Herring and Common Gull along with a few Cormorants which we didn't count.
Redshank and Moorhen (EM)
Afterwards we went over to the Egreton Dock were as soon as we parked up Allan spotted the Moorhen along with not 1 but 2 Little Grebe over on the south bank and under the arch ways. For those who do visit the Docks and have been to Egreton to see the Moorhen and Little Grebes then do bear in mind that at times both species will spent long periods of time underneath the arch ways and there out of sight.
 While Mr Conlin was looking at these patch rarities which are looking like they might stay the winter, I hit gold with a 1 SISKIN (1st ) calling over as it flew north, sadly didn't manage an image, but shortly after this 1 Redshank flew in via the Morpeth Dock and land on the south bank with the Moorhen. "Its all happening here", Allan said. Due to the amount of lighting we didn't have time to go round and see a ROCK PIPIT (1st) which had been seen round by the north side of the Morpeth Dock on the 15th but not confirmed until today.
Observers: Elliot Montieth and Allan Conlin

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