Tuesday, 24 November 2015


After mum had picked me up from school we headed down to the Docks, but instead of heading to the East Float we went to the West Float as we wanted to see if the Lapwings were still about in the gull roost. As it happens there were in fact no wading birds at all in the roost and even the roost its self was rather low consisting of around 120c birds, mostly Herring Gull including 2 Great black-backed Gull. After this we went round to the East Float were again not much was happening with the Grebes being to far to count and the Gulls being to far to ID/count, the only birds which were countable were 1 Great black-backed Gull and 4 Cormorant.
We decided to check the bottom of Morpeth Wharf were whilst I was observing a flock of 5 Linnet, mum spotted the Peregrine back on top on Mersey Air Vent checking out the gathering of gulls around the entrance of the inlet.
Linnet (EM)

Peregrine (EM)

Peregrine (EM)
Just before we reached the inlet 1 Curlew shot out and flew east up river whist just at the mouth there was a gathering of 50+ Black-headed Gulls, 3 Common Gull and 10c Herring Gull. Despite the Mallards not present the inlet was still very productive as it had 3 Redshank, 2 Oystercatcher and 1 Turnstone!
Turnstone (EM)

Curlew (EM)
The surprises of the day came from the Morpeth and Egerton Dock, were at last the Morpeth finally produced something of interest; 2 sinensis Cormorants and 1 Moorhen! This is the same 1st winter Moorhen which has only been observed at the Egerton Dock over the last few weeks but today it was observed happily swimming along the wall of the Morpeth Dock.

Whilst I was watching the Moorhen and Cormorants at the Morpeth Dock, mum was watching over the Egerton Dock were she spotted 1 KINGFISHER (Female) sitting along the chain at the south end of the Dock, which thankfully stayed along enough for me to get round. But as I did the heavy rain came and it flew underneath the 4th arch way and stayed there till we left on an iron bar which I never knew was there! This is by far the same Kingfisher which was seen on several occasions earlier in the month and in late October and now it appears that this bird will stay the winter. If were lucky we may have repeat of 2004 when they were first noticed at the docks and also when they bred on the Egerton Dock!
sinensis Cormorant (EM)

Kingfisher (EM)
Observers: Elliot and Adele Montieth

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  1. Catching a kingfisher in flight is no easy thing - I have only seen them as a flash of blue by the river's edge!