Sunday, 1 November 2015


Since todays NCS meeting finished early ,3pm, I headed down to the Docks to see what the unexpected fog would bring in. My first stop was at the Egreton Dock were the now elusive Little Grebe was still present, along with 20+ Goldfinch,1 Robin, 1 Wren, 2 Blue Tit and 2 Blackbirds in the trees and bush's bordering the Dock. While watching the distant Little Grebe I heard 1 Kingfisher calling from the Morpeth dock but didn't go round to investigate, instead I got distracted by an unusual looking bird on the opposite side of the Docks. My first thoughts were Moorhen....but a Moorhen in Birkenhead Docks? Was it possible? I mean all of the Docks in the complex are salt water, what would a fresh water bird be doing in salt water? Bidston Moss is just a 1min fly away if your a bird so why choose the Docks? A lost passage bird maybe? Anyway I walked round to the opposite side and there it was, a 1st winter Moorhen happily feeding on the algae along the west wall. After the astonishment of this find I then looked up to find a Feral Pigeon nest with 1 possibly 2 young calling away.
Moorhen (EM)
With spirits high I went off to the East Float were the Great crested Grebes had formed a raft by the abandoned church, this finally gave me the opportunity to get a precise count of the Grebes on the float which numbered 20 birds. As I'm aware there aren't any grebes on the West Float. While watching the Grebes which were about 15 meters off shore 2 Pied and 1 Grey Wagtail flew over heading north, along with 40+ Cormorants flying into roost, 1 came close enough to see that it was a Sinensis race. There was also 1 Grey Heron on the tern raft pulse 1 Robin and 1 Blackbird around the church.
Sinensis Cormorant (EM)
As it was getting rather dark I decided to start walking back when I looked up and saw 1 Peregrine perched on top the church, always a cracking bird to see! While walking back there was a mini murmuration of 250+ Starling over the Wallasey Dock. A great day made only better by a visit to the Docks!
Peregrine (EM)
Observer: Elliot Montieth


  1. Nice afternoon Elliot. Some great finds. That shot of the Tern on the Twitter post is incredible.

    1. Thanks Mark :) Just a case of right place, right time and right settings!