Saturday, 26 December 2015


Managed to walk a complete circuit of the Docks today within 4hrs, which through up a number of surprises!

Today the Juv Peregrine replaced the male and took its place at Hamilton Square, whilst on the Inlet up to 55c Black-headed Gulls could be found feeding on sewage. Might be good for Med Gulls during passage ?

Morpeth had a bit of activity going on with 2 Cormorant (1 sinensis) and 9 Herring Gulls, were a brief stop of Egerton produced the wintering female Kingfisher. Lighting was rubbish so apologies for the image.

Kingfisher (EM)
The East Float as usual was a hive of activity; 34 Great Crested Grebe, 2 Coot and 13 Cormorant ( 3 sinensis) were on the water, 2 Curlew and 1 Oystercatcher were roosting out near the Tern Raft along with a mixed group of 40c Gulls, and on the brown land south of the Flats there was 2 Pied Wagtail3 Mistle Thrush and 7 Canada Geese.

Curlew (EM)
When I arrived at the West Float Gull Roost I was in for a real treat. As I was walking up to the 1st set of viewing points all the Feral Pigeons shot up as 1 Sparrowhawk flew over heading East. Been a few months since my last for the docks. As I came up to the 2nd viewing point I flushed 12 SNIPE !!! By far the highest count for the docks. I keep on wondering why Snipe occur at the Gull roost as the ground only has a very thin layer of moss of which for them to feed from, but if you wear to look at the Gull roost from a birds eye view you'd see that it appears to resemble an area of wetlands; Scrapes, shallow birds, greenery. Other birds present on the West Float included 30c Carrion Crow, 3 Pied Wagtail, 3 Linnet, 200c Gulls (90% Herring) and 100c Starling.

Snipe (EM)
Afterwards I walked over to Bidston Moss were in a single tree there was murder of 29 Magpie! And 1 Kestrel flew over the recycling plant! Another bird of prey which I haven't seen for months at the Docks. Apart from that all life was concentrated on the lake where 24 Tufted Duck, 2 Cormorant (1 sinensis 1 carbo), 14 Coot, 1 Great crested Grebe, 1 Moorhen and 3 Mallard were present.

Tufted Ducks with Mallards (EM)
Observer: Elliot Montieth

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