Sunday, 10 January 2016


It was the first WeBS of 2016 today and with so many "good" birds about locally; Pallas's Warbler in Heswall, Great Northern Diver at West Kirby Marine Lake and a Merlin found at Winsford Flash today, expectations were high for the Docks!

Curlew (EM)
Whilst driving down one of the Peregrines was once again perched on top of the Tunnel Air vent. Even from driving down you could tell that it was going to be a quite day. Morpeth and Egerton were empty and on the East Float there was 33 Great crested Grebe, 1 Coot, 3 Curlew and just 2 Cormorants.
Great crested Grebe (EM)
A quick stop off to the West Float produced an extra 3 Cormorant along with 1 Linnet and 1 Grey Wagtail, my first for the Docks in some time!

Grey Wagtail (EM)
The Gull Roost had some rather unusual business going on with a exceptional high number of Black-headed Gulls (150c )present, along with 6 Common Gull, 40c Lesser black-backed Gull, 4 Great black-backed Gull and 480c Herring Gull. It wasn't just Gulls that were present, 3 Shelduck, 5 Canada Geese and 5c Pied Wagtail also made there presence notable and rather strikingly not a single Snipe !

Shelduck and Herring Gulls (EM)
After this me and mum headed over to Bidston Moss to see if anything was with the Tufties, was hoping for a Lesser Scaup or Ring-necked Duck, don't know why but there's always the chance.

Whilst walking along the path via the recycling plant I came across multiple parties of Long-tailed Tits, Goldcrest and Chaffinch in the trees, but then I noticed a small bird with a red spot shoot right past me. I searched the tree in the tree in which it had embedded its self in and it was a flipping *LESSER REDPOLL*  (1st record)! The bird then flew past me onto the other side of the path to only reveal a flock of 8 LESSER REDPOLL!

I ran to get mum when I heard 1 Raven (2nd record) calling away, but wasn't able to photograph the bird. When mum got over she picked out 2 SISKIN (2nd record) from the Redpoll flock which also consisted of 5c Goldfinch.

Can you spot the SISKIN in this image (EM)
We walked along down to the lake were there wasn't a single Cormorant! But 1 Great crested Grebe, 2 Little Grebe6 Moorhen, 6 Tufted Duck and 15 Coot were present on the lake. As we were walking back I spotted 1 BUZZARD (2nd record) soar over before heading NW and mum spotted 4 Bullfinch as I got 2 Fieldfare.

But the action was far from over, just as we got to the car 4 RAVEN flew over heading north!

Raven (EM)

Observers: Elliot and Adele Montieth

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