Friday, 29 January 2016

Return of the Scaup 29/01/16

After spending 2hrs at Hoylake this afternoon and just having 1 Great crested Grebe the Docks seemed like a good spot for perhaps another Great Northern Diver.

First port of call was the West Float Gull Roost where 3 Mallard (flew over), 1 Canada Goose and 7 Shelduck where present with just 17 Black-headed Gull!

sinensis Cormorant (EM)

The East Float provided the days highlight as usual with 3 Cormorant (2 sinensis), 34 Great crested Grebe, 2 Oystercatcher (pair) and 3 Canada Geese. Amongst the Grebes was the 1st winter drake Scaup which hadn't been seen by multiple birders over the last few days due the chopping waters and high winds making the Scaup impossible to pin down.

Scaup and Great crested Grebe (EM)

Oystercatcher (EM)
Other notable events round the Docks where that the Oystercatchers round the Clock Tower where observed acting courtship behaviour, hopefully they'll breed. Along with that most of the Great crested Grebes are now paired up and I witnessed them performing there captivating "Weed Dance", this evening!

Observer: Elliot Montieth

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