Saturday, 27 February 2016


Todays 8hr walk of the Docks and Bidston Moss produced a multitude of surprises along with a newbie for the patch Bird List.

Peregrine (EM)

Peregrine (EM)

Peregrine (EM)
First stop was the Inlet at the bottom of Pacific Road which produced a brief view of a Peregrine along with the surprising find of 155 *BLACK-TAILED GODWIT* flying over the Air Vent heading up the River Mersey, most likely to feed at Port Sunlight River Park.

Part of the 155 Black-tailed Godwit flock (EM)
You could tell that spring was in the air round the docks today as Goldfinch's, Woodpigeons, Collard Doves and Greenfinch's were all either in pairs or calling away on the vegetation surround the Inlet, Morpeth and Egerton Dock.

Collared Dove (EM)
It was nice to finally catch up with the wintering female Kingfisher on the Egerton Dock where I finally managed to get some decent close ups with the bird whilst it was perched on its favourite chain. There were also a pair of Lesser Black-backed Gull on Egerton were one was feasting on a dead pigeon.

Kingfisher (EM)
Lesser Black-backed Gull (EM)

Kingfisher (EM)

Next port of call was the East Float which was active to say the least. The 1st winter Shag might have still been present, but distant, and only 14 Great crested Grebe were out in the open along with 39 Cormorant, 11 Canada Geese and 2 Great Black-backed Gull. The wasteland north of the Wallasey Flats still has hold of its 4 Ringed Plover (hopefully will breed) along with at least 1 pair of Oystercatchers.

Ringed Plover (EM)
I was left gobsmacked today with the Gull Roost, as I visited twice today and there only a grand total of 5 Black-headed Gull! There were Shelduck present but didn't make any counts.

Bidston Moss was alive with raptors today with 2 Kestrel, 1 Sparrowhawk and an astonishing count of 5 Buzzard. The lake had not a single Tufted Duck or double figure count of Coot, just 2 Great crested Grebe where of note. There was plenty of birds in the hedge rows and reed beds around Bidston with Water Rail, Redwing, Pheasant (calling), Bullfinch and Linnet, but no Lesser Redpoll or Siskin.

Carrion Crow and Common Buzzard (EM)
The Goldeneye has departed from the back pools and 1 Teal was heard calling from the fields opposite but was out of view and out of patch boundaries.

After back tracking on my self all the way to the Inlet, I sat down a bench watching over Mersey when I came across a new bird for the Dock & Bidston bird list: a flock of exactly 50 Pink-footed Geese flew over heading west wards.

Pink-footed Geese (EM)
All in all another great day at the Docks & Bidston and with a Glossy Ibis at Gowy Meadows CWT you can guess where I'll be tomorrow.

Observer: Elliot Montieth

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