Thursday, 31 March 2016


1 singing Blackcap (first of spring) and 2 Red Foxes where around Bidston Moss this evening.

Observer: Elliot Montieth

Monday, 28 March 2016


Managed to walk two full circuits of the Docks today.

Due to the horrendous weather conditions in the early morning I was unable to take any images from the Inlet round to the East Float, but there was still a fair bit to see. 2 Shelduck, 5 Mallard and 1 Pied Wagtail were hanging around the Inlet whilst on the East Float 2 Shelducks were present along with 20c Great crested Grebe over on the far side. The wasteland north of the Wallasey Flats had some minor disturbance this morning but 2 Ringed Plover and 3 Lapwing were about and actively feeding and fending off Corvids.

The Gull Roost was the next stop which apart from 300c Gulls (60% Lesser Black-backed) containing 3 Great Black-backed Gull (2 adults and 1 2nd cycle) and 10c Shelduck all seemed to be perfectly normal, but that was up until I came to counting the Snipe. After flushing 9 Snipe I went to sit down on one of the Granite blocks which was the moment *1 JACK SNIPE* decided to take off! About time one of these fellas turned up.

Lesser Black-backed Gulls

Bidston held the majority of todays birds with the Main Lake held host to 2 Mute Swan (1 on nest), 2 Great crested Grebe, 6 Mallard and 4 Tufted Duck (3 drakes 1 female). Chiffchaff numbers have been building up over the last 2 weeks from 1 to 6 Chiffchaff singing round the lake, with other spring news being that a male Kestrel has been appearing around the nest box but with no sign of a female. Whilst walking over to the "Golden Pools" I came across 1 Coot nest underneath the footbridge.


Mute Swan
The Pools still had hold of the Goldeneye which is displaying to god knows what along with 4 Little Grebe which have decided to take up the pools as a potential breeding site. Whilst at the Pools there was 1 Chiffchaff calling, 1 Cormorant (carbo) flew down the Birket and 1 Grey Heron flew into the horse paddocks opposite Pools.


Little Grebe
Walking back round I managed to pick up 2 more Chiffchaff calling at Bidston with 1 Grey Wagtail at the Gull Roost and whilst scanning the Mersey down at Seacombe Ferry (Within PWC boundaries) I came across an adult Mediterranean Gull (2nd record of the year) drifting out on the tide along with 1 Dunlin, 19 Turnstone and 8 Redshank roosting on the Terminal.

Mediterranean Gull

Herring Gull
Redshanks and Turnstone

Observer: Elliot Montieth


1 RED KITE flew over Saint Catherine's Hospital heading SW whilst being mobbed by Gulls and 2 Raven were hanging around the East Float.

Observer: Elliot Montieth

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Done an evening walk round the Docks today.

2 Kingfishers, male and female, were calling away round Morpeth and Egerton Dock along with a small party of 3 drake Mallards on Egerton.

Activity round the East Float was fairly quiet with 6 Canada Geese, 10c Great crested Grebe, 10c Cormorant, 2 Mallard and 2 Lapwing. A brief stop off at the Gull Roost just resulted in 1 Kestrel, 2 Canada Geese and 8 Shelduck.

Observer: Elliot Montieth

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Just about managed a quick circuit round the Docks today.

The West Float was rather productive today with the 2 Great Black-backed Gull still present (Cheshire's only annual breeding pair) along with a pair of Oystercatchers which rises the amount of likely breeding waders to 3 (Lapwing, Ringed Plover and Oystercatcher). Apart from that others birds around the West Float were 14 Cormorant (8 sinensis), 1 Kestrel and 4 Canada Geese.

A swing round to the East Float resulted in a shocking count of just 8 Great Crested Grebe with no sign of the Scaup. Compared to the waterfowl the waders round the float where doing well on numbers with the 4 Ringed Plover still about and Lapwings have also increased to 4 birds with there now and equal divide between males and females so hopefully 2 pairs this summer. Other birds on the float where a pair Mallard and Shelduck.

The Gull Roost was the final stop of the day which had 8 pa

Observer: Elliot Montieth

Sunday, 20 March 2016


After recovering from DofE I walked a complete circuit round the Docks today which produced some surprises, both good and bad!

The first surprises of the day came from the Egerton and Morpeth Dock with 2 Shelduck and 3 Cormorant (sinensis) on Morpeth with Egerton throwing up a MALE KINGFISHER!!! This is a moment we've all been hoping for, a male Kingfisher has finally joined the wintering female, the question is will the breed successfully?

Male Kingfisher, note all black bill
A walk over to the East Float was cut short by lets call it a "intimate" photo shoot on the East Float side of the Clock Tower. Viewing the East Float from the Wasteland and Duke Street Bridge did produce 2 Grey Wagtail, 1 Peregrine, 9 Great crested Grebe, 4 Shelduck34 Cormorant, 7 Canada Geese and the wintering Scaup. Strangely no sign of the Ringed Plover or Lapwings?


Next stop was the Gull Roost with a total of 40c Gulls with no sign of the Great Black-backs but 20c Common Snipe, 8 Shelduck, 2 Redshank, 40c Pied Wagtails (no Whites so far) and 2 Mallards.

Common Snipe

Bidston Moss was overloaded with birdlife today with the main lake holding 12 Tufted Duck, 2 Great crested Grebe, 2 Mute Swan, 2 Canada Geese, 5 Moorhen, 14 Coot and 6 Mallard. It'll be great to have the Mutes and Grebes breeding this season but what I'm hoping for is that the Tufted Ducks might decide to breed this year.
Mute Swan

Tufted Ducks

I check of Cheshire Bird News (Twitter) whilst walking round Bidston brought my attention to a Cetti's Warbler which had been heard in a reed bed near Bidston Station. As you can imagine I raced over to get it on the PWC List but I quickly stopped in my tracks by 3 fires in the reed bed behind B&Q, I put the fires out before they got any larger and made my way to the Pools.

It didn't take long to hear *1 CETTI'S WARBLER* calling in the Reed Bed between the Reed Bed and Station with the first Chiffchaff of the year calling in a nearby Willow Tree. Also the female Goldeneye has returned to the pools and shows well on and off.

Observer: Elliot Montieth

Saturday, 19 March 2016


After arriving back from my Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold (practise) up in the Lakes I headed straight back to my beloved Birkenhead Docks.

The Gull Roost was the first port of call with observer Adele Montieth finding the docks 3rd pair of Ringed Plover! Birkenhead Docks is the only place on Wirral where they breed annually. Whilst I was there I had 10 Shelduck (5 pairs), 4 Redshank (one bird observed hoping), 1 Snipe flew past, 5 Mallard (3M 1F), 30+ Pied Wagtail, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Cormorant, 13 Herring Gulls, 6 Black-headed Gull and 9 Lesser Black-backed Gull. Its worth noting that water levels at the roost have dropped so very little gull activity.


Shelducks and Redshank
With watching over the West Float from the Duke Street throwing nothing but 15c Herring Gull I moved round to East Float where even numbers round here where rather low but never less the East Float still had a great variety of birdlife to offer: 14 Great crested Grebe, 6 Canada Geese, 29 Cormorant, 8 Shelduck, 2 Lapwing (M&F), 2 Ringed Plover, 5c Linnet, 4 Oystercatcher , 1 Mute Swan (Juv) and continuing over-wintering drake Scaup.

Lapwing (male)

Lapwing (male)

Lapwing (male)

Canada Goose, Herring Gulls and Oystercatchers

Scaup with Great crested Grebe
Observer: Elliot Montieth

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Warterfowl Galore !!!

1 drake GOLDENEYE with the drake Scaup and Great crested Grebes on the East Float.

Observer: Tony McDonough

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Today it was the return of WeBS. With such a low variety and numbers about yesterday I wasn't expecting for much to be around.

As the road coming off the motorway to Bidston Moss was shut I checked the West Float first which had 12 Cormorant (8 sinensis), 2 Canada Geese and a pair of Great Black-backed Gull. Hopefully they'll breed.

The East Float was next on the list which was extremely productive with drake Scaup, 2 Canada Geese, 21 Great crested Grebe and 34 Cormorant ( 5 sinensis ).

Scaup (EM)
The wasteland north of the Wallasey Flats was buzzing with exciting news today as the newly resident 2 male Lapwings which have present for a week or so now and are both holding patch's and displaying have finally attracted the attention of a passing female! Lets hope she chooses one and that they breed successfully. It wasn't just Lapwings which where showing sign of a possible good breeding season, the 4 Ringed Plover where still showing and have now formed two distinct pairs in separate areas and are showing signs of courtship.

female Lapwing (EM)

male Lapwing (EM)
I was hoping to get the Kingfisher on Egerton and Morpeth in the WeBS count today but sadly it evaded me, but I did mange to get in 3 Cormorant (2 sinensis).

Afterwards it was a drive up to the Gull Roost where whilst scanning the 200c Gulls on site I finally came across a stunning 1st winter ICELAND GULL! A bird which I was starting to think wouldn't show up this winter. Sadly it was brief view as the bird took off and I was trying to get another observer onto it before taking any shots. There was in addition to the 200c Gulls already on site an extra 100c Gulls on a roof top over on the opposite side of the roost and with no scope was unable to pick anything out. Other birds present where 8 Shelduck, 2 Grey Heron, 20c Snipe, 2 Jackdaw and 2 Meadow Pipit.

Snipe (EM)
To round off todays trip I headed over to Bidston Moss (the long way) I finished off with 2 Great crested Grebe, 4 Coot, 1 Moorhen and 3 Tufted Ducks (drakes).

Observer: Elliot Montieth


Coming back from one of my annual walk overs to Hilbre Island - Link - I made my way down to Docks to see what the 10m tide had done. With Brent Geese, Great White Egret and Goosander at Hale and Frodsham hopes where high.

This evening all birdlife was concentrated in and around the East Float with the drake Scaup still about with 19 Cormorant and 17 Great crested Grebe, with the wasteland north on the Wallasey flats producing 1 Curlew along with 2 Lapwings (males & displaying) with the 4 Ringed Plover which are nicely paired up. Hopefully it'll be a good breeding season for waders as well as terns this year!

Observer: Elliot Montieth

Saturday, 5 March 2016


The Docks where alive with birds today with each area having its own surprises.

The Inlet concealed 3 Mallard and 2 Redshank with 1 Peregrine making regular visits over to Liverpool.

Morpeth had 2 Cormorants (sinensis), where as Egerton produced 1 Kingfisher and an unlikely visitor in the form of a Mute Swan. A bird which comes expecting to be fed.

Mute Swan (EM)
Kingfisher (EM)
The East Float still had hold of its drake Scaup which was actively feeding with a flock of 29 Great crested Grebe. Cormorant numbers were high today with a maximum of 41 (17 sinensis) on the float with no sign of the Shag. The wasteland surrounding the Wallasey Flats had no waders today.

Scaup (EM)

sinensis Cormorant (EM)

sinensis Cormorant (EM)

sinensis Cormorant (EM)

The West Float had a surprising 2 Great crested Grebe with 14 Canada Geese and 1 Lapwing flyover.

The Gull Roost is on the mend with 230c Gulls present but no sign of any white-wingers. Other birds present where 12 Shelduck, 1 Grey Wagtail, 50c Linnet and 24 Snipe.

Grey Wagtail (EM)

Redshank with Snipe (EM)
Despite the anglers Bidston Moss has still got hold of its Great crested Grebes along with 10 Tufted Duck, with 1 Reed Bunting, 1 Shelduck (flyover) 1 Siskin and 1 Buzzard being other noted birds.

Reed Bunting (EM)

Buzzard among Gulls (EM)

To round off the trip I walked up to Seacombe Ferry where on he exposed rocks 3 Turnstone, 1 Redshank and a Song Thrush, bit odd, where present.

Observer: Elliot Montieth

Friday, 4 March 2016


An after school visit to the Docks today was rather productive with the exposed mud on the Inlet bringing in 6 Mallard, 6 Redshank1 Cormorant, and 30c Black-headed, 2 Common, 5c Lesser Black-backed and 10c Herring Gull.

The Morpeth and Egerton Dock contained 1 Peregrine, 2 Cormorant and the wintering female Kingfisher.

Scaup with Great crested Grebes (EM)
The drake Scaup was once on the East Float today along with 2 Pied Wagtail, 21 Great crested Grebe, 22 Canada Geese, 1 Shag, 69 Black-headed Gull, 43 Herring Gull and an astonishing count (for the East Float) of 59 Lesser Black-backed Gull along with 2 Great Black-Backed Gull.

Cormorant (EM)

Cormorant (EM)
The brown land surrounding the Wallasey Flats today through up a whole range of birds with 3 Oystercatcher and 1 Curlew showing well along with 20c Linnet12 Meadow Pipit, 7 House Sparrow.

Curlew (EM)

Oystercatchers (EM)

Curlew (EM)
At last! The Gull Roost finally had some gulls present today with an estimated 60 birds as a combination of wind and rain reduced visibility. Other birds around where a male Kestrel, 100c Linnet and 1 Redshank.

Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gull flock (EM)

Redshank (EM)
To round off todays trip Bidston Moss produced 2 Bullfinch, 17 Tufted Duck and a further 40c Black-headed Gulls.

Observer: Elliot Montieth