Sunday, 13 March 2016


Today it was the return of WeBS. With such a low variety and numbers about yesterday I wasn't expecting for much to be around.

As the road coming off the motorway to Bidston Moss was shut I checked the West Float first which had 12 Cormorant (8 sinensis), 2 Canada Geese and a pair of Great Black-backed Gull. Hopefully they'll breed.

The East Float was next on the list which was extremely productive with drake Scaup, 2 Canada Geese, 21 Great crested Grebe and 34 Cormorant ( 5 sinensis ).

Scaup (EM)
The wasteland north of the Wallasey Flats was buzzing with exciting news today as the newly resident 2 male Lapwings which have present for a week or so now and are both holding patch's and displaying have finally attracted the attention of a passing female! Lets hope she chooses one and that they breed successfully. It wasn't just Lapwings which where showing sign of a possible good breeding season, the 4 Ringed Plover where still showing and have now formed two distinct pairs in separate areas and are showing signs of courtship.

female Lapwing (EM)

male Lapwing (EM)
I was hoping to get the Kingfisher on Egerton and Morpeth in the WeBS count today but sadly it evaded me, but I did mange to get in 3 Cormorant (2 sinensis).

Afterwards it was a drive up to the Gull Roost where whilst scanning the 200c Gulls on site I finally came across a stunning 1st winter ICELAND GULL! A bird which I was starting to think wouldn't show up this winter. Sadly it was brief view as the bird took off and I was trying to get another observer onto it before taking any shots. There was in addition to the 200c Gulls already on site an extra 100c Gulls on a roof top over on the opposite side of the roost and with no scope was unable to pick anything out. Other birds present where 8 Shelduck, 2 Grey Heron, 20c Snipe, 2 Jackdaw and 2 Meadow Pipit.

Snipe (EM)
To round off todays trip I headed over to Bidston Moss (the long way) I finished off with 2 Great crested Grebe, 4 Coot, 1 Moorhen and 3 Tufted Ducks (drakes).

Observer: Elliot Montieth

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