Sunday, 6 November 2016


With strong NW winds this morning it reminded that it was this time last year that we had our first modern day record of Great Northern Diver which appeared on the East Float and stayed for 5 days. With that memory in mind I trip to the East Float was in order.

A quick stop off was made to Morpeth Dock with 1 Redwing (fly over), 2 Cormorant (carbo) and 1 Redshank were present. With Waxwings flooding into the UK at the moment its looking good for an invasion year, this is good but all of our berry's have already been eaten by the resident Mistle Thrush's so it seems that the best shot of finding one here would be to go and check Bidston Moss.
Common Scoter
The next stop was to the East Float were just as I arrival on site a duck sp flew over the float and after making a lap round the float it landed amongst the flock of 25 Great crested Grebes. After inspecting the shots it was infact a Juv. COMMON SCOTER, only my 4th record for the docks with the previous being a drake on East Float, 2 drakes on the Inlet and a drake past Seacombe.

Common Scoter
The Scoter stayed till dusk and started to roost as soon as it got in with the Grebes so hopefully it'll stick for others to see.

Elliot Montieth