Monday, 19 December 2016


Well it's certainly been a while hasn't it!

Once again it was WeBS and well the routine started as usual, starting at Morpeth & Egerton before making our way round to East Float, Seacombe, West Float and finishing off at Bidston and the Pools.
Black-headed Gull
Despite being the middle of winter (prime time for the docks!) both docks of Morpeth and Egerton were dead with just 2 Herring Gull roosting at Morpeth and a Black-headed Gull on Egerton. Meanwhile over on the East Float things were a little more exciting but never the less still pretty much dead: 13 Great Crested Grebe (1 in summer plumage?!), 33 Cormorant (none race-able), 4 Canada Geese, 2 Grey Wagtail (a winter pair), 1 Curlew, 2 Oystercatcher, 2 Great Black-backed Gull along with "Calvin the Coot" who after over a year has remained on the East Float.

Calvin the Coot

Great crested Grebes
Next off it was round to the Ferry Terminal at Seacombe were amongst the record count of 74 Turnstone and 23 Redshank lay a long awaited PURPLE SANDPIPER which done its best to remain hidden amongst flock and did manage a bog standard "Record shot" but as you can its pretty much undeniable from my Digi scope I've decided not to post. Apart from the waders other birds of notice were 3 Great Black-backed Gull.

After the joy at the Seacombe it was then over to the West Float Gull Roost which made the day even better as apart from the first returning Shelduck of the winter there was also a yet another count made today but instead of 74 Turnstone it was a mind blowing 106 Lapwing!!!

To round off the trip it was over to Bidston & the Pools were apart from the bog standard a call came through from a rather chilled observer saying that there was not much about on the Back Pool's apart a Shoveler, this is only the 2nd record for the site and the first this year.


Observers: Elliot & Adele Montieth

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