Friday, 30 December 2016

Mayhem at Bidston

After a morning spent at Walton Hall Park photographing "Pablo" the resident Red-crested Pochard, it was a trip round to Bidston. The first stop was to the Birket and Back Pools were both were fairly lifeless apart from a handful of Mallards, Coots and Canada Geese along with 2 Cormorant & 4 Teal on the Birket with 2-3 Goldcrest in the Willow at the entrance of the Pools.

Teal - Stock Image (Elliot Montieth)

Next up it was round to the main lake were 1 Sparrowhawk flew over the footbridge behind B&Q and 6 Bullfinch were in the bush's and woodland west of the Main Lake. Meanwhile on the Lake its self 25 Tufted Duck had moved in along with 15c Coot and 1 Great crested Grebe.

The Great crested Grebe was trapped in fishing line so could fly or swim more than 5 meters from the edge of the lake. It was either let it suffer a stressful, painful and unnatural death or go in and attempt to free it, as no local birders could be of assistance and the RSPCA wouldn't pick up I went in and attempted to release it. Unfortunately the plan failed and it was another painful 10mins before the bird lodged its self free.

The trapped Great crested Grebe trying to escape from the line

After the drama was over 2 Buzzards and 1 Mediterranean Gull flew over the lake head SW & W along with 2 Jay seen darting about in the Willows.

Mediterranean Gull (Luke Andseron)

Observers: Elliot Montieth & Luke Anderson

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