Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Occurance of Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) - Ashton Park, Wirral (Image - Elliot Montieth)
When I first started to search for records for the Docks & Bidston one thing which stumbled across my path were two records of Shoveler at Bidston via Bird Track; both of which involved adult drakes with the first being located on the Back Pools in 2008 and the next being on the Main Lake in 2012. From this data and these being the only records I could find of Shoveler I took it as these must be pretty rare and classed it as a "MEGA" bird for the site.

1st winter drake Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) - The bird which was reported on
January 4th and later confirmed and photographed when next observed on February 4th.
This bird was then subsequently observed with the adult drake on February 6th.  

Yet this winter something rather amazing has happened as within the space of just 3 months the number of records of Northern Shoveler has gone sky high with a total 4 indivual birds being record equalling an additional 3 records, with most recently an adult pair on the Main Lake associating loosely with the Tufted Ducks on the lakes east flank today! This discovery breaks a duet of records such as first "lady" and pair in the sites history stretching over 20 years.

The most recent record and first of a pair on the Main Lake at Bidston

Northern Shoveler records - Winter 2016/17

(3rd record) Adult drake - Back Pools - December 18th 2016
Adult drake - Back Pools - January 7th 2017
(4th record) 1st winter drake - Back Pools - January 18th 2017
1st winter drake -  Back Pools - February 4th 2017
1st winter drake & adult drake - Back Pools - February 6th 2017
(5th record) Pair - Main Lake - February 15th 2017

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