Sunday, 26 March 2017


Spring is now in full swing and where else better to experience it than at Bidston starting off from the B&Q Reed Bed were the surprising find was by far and least the discovery of male Common Reed Bunting in full song! Reed Buntings are primarily a migrant species to the Moss with the occasional winter visitor with a male being seen on and off on a monthly bases through the autumn & winter in the B&Q Reed Bed so, same bird ?

Common Reed Bunting (Phylloscopus c. collybita ) by Luke Anderson

Despite the lack of size of the B&Q Reed Bed it has been surprising watching over it for the past 2 years especially considering the overall habitat of wet and dead reed bed interlocking with dead wet woodland. Water Rail (have bred), Common Snipe, Jack Snipe & Cetti's Warbler have all been documented in the bed so Reed Bunting is defiantly a species to keep an eye on.

Common Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus c. collybita ) by Luke Anderson

Northern Shoeveler (Anas clypeata) by Luke Anderson

Meanwhile on the Back Pools a good diverse selection of birds were about with 1 Common Kestrel, 2 Eurasian Teal (pair), 4 Greater Canada Geese, 2 Northern Shoveler (pair) & 9 Common Chiffchaff.

Observer: Luke Anderson

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