Meet the Patchers

Elliot Montieth

Elliot at St Asaph for Black-throated Thrush
Now 17, Elliot has been watching over the Docks of Birkenhead for the past 2 years now and is the person to thank for discovering the simply astonishing find of a whole colony of Common Terns breeding. Infact the only tern colony of any sort in Cheshire! The combination of being young (eagle eyed!), and spending vast amounts of time at the Docks has resulted in him seeing 155 out the 188 species recorded at Docks and has also been responsible for finding the majority of rarities such as Richard's Pipit, Eurasian Spoonbill & Great Northern Diver. A deep love for races & sub species has also allowed for Elliot to discover birds which to the untrained eye wouldn't be noticed such as White Wagtail, Continental Great Cormorant & Scandinavian Lesser Black-backed & Herring Gull.

Luke Anderson

Luke climbing up Ben Nevis
Luke (16) is transfixed by all that the natural world has to offer, very little aspect of mother nature Luke fixated by. As well as having a deep passion for Birds his interest and knowledge also expands into that of the world of mini beasts and mammals. Together with Elliot they've planned together to complete a Pan List of every single species recorded at Bidston Moss and in the process aiming to discover new species for the site; this has already been a success as Luke has already discovered the sites first Globular Springtail and Wood Warbler. Together and again with Elliot, Luke plans to confirm the existence of Water Vole at the site as well developing a wider understanding of the sites biodiversity.

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